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If you haven't already, upload your favourite hentai

my fave hentai that will be a hard one But i accecpt your challange anon and tomorrow night i shall do just that and post my fave hentai ;)

When will you post more stuff?

Very sorry my dear anon for my school break but i am back in action

More amore

hell man school is a drag!!!!!!! long time no see my forgotten blog Here is some love for my followers that are still here

Loving the tumblr and all, but when i played a video it opened up a new page. Didn't get a chance to look at the page cause I closed it before it could load, but does the original site have viruses? o3o Little paranoid haha

I haven’t yet gotten any viruses from any sites.

hey when are you posting new stuff
p.s. please no tentacles

My Computer access is limited lately but i will post as often as possible.

Would you be able to get a hold of some Story of Little Monica and/or some Body Transfer if at all possible. Thank you. Love your blog it's awesome.

story of little monica has been posted up and ready for viewing.